tisdag 25 december 2018

If I must be honest

"The under class pleiadian women are cheaply junk but human women are something new, which I see is in many different colors of hair, eye skin etc. on earth I am much more free than on my home planet"

What I have than the other pleiadians

"If only the other pleidians knew that humans produce tons of apples, beets, pears and onions every year it tastes very good, the humans made me fat but this is better this way, so no one else will recognizes me" LibraMark~

An apple can only cost 10 SEK around Sweden ^_^!!

I like it better on earth

"I feel better on the earth with humans i having very good sleep, lots of food and not having to follow other pleidians' orders. I have seen many pictures of naked women through the internet and pleidian women are so boring and I hope they will not find me on earth, otherwise they would ruin the fun. Other 
pleiadians are several light years away heaven is a place on earth" LibraMark~

Pleiadian Marcus deepest secret

"I want to admit that I've fucked a human woman in 2004 in Stockholm County, it was a long time ago and I can hardly remember it all, her hair was brown and I had no condom but it was ok she got no baby and after a few months I never saw her any more " LibraMark ~