fredag 20 mars 2020

11 questions to a spectrosexual man

11 questions to a spectrosexual man and his response.

How do you have sex with a spirit?

By I was born with a spiritual gift / mediumship 
clairkinesthesia physical contact with spirits and through 
dolls or large pillows that the spirit uses as their physical body

How does the physical contact with spirits feel?

Almost exactly the same as a woman in physical life a woman who lives.

What might be the biggest reason that spirits have sexual 
intercourse with you?

Because some of them have died without having any sexual intercourse 
with anyone in life that they have primarily died at a young age, 
never aged and been virgins for over 100 or several hundred years 
or more.

Why would spirits want to have sexual intercourse with you than other men?

Because spiritual gift / mediumship clairkinesthesia physical 
contact with spirits is a very exclusive gift that very few people 
are born with.

Can female spirits become pregnant and give birth to babies?

No, because they are sterile.

Are the devil and demons having spectrosexuality to do?

No, they do not exist according to spiritualism.

Do you become undead or vampire if you have sexual intercourse 
with spirits?

No, because it is an old Slavic myth that came into being with 

Can you have sexual intercourse with angels?
No, because they are not human, as spirits were.

What do spirits look like?

Like normal humans

Can spirits that have died when they were children have 
pectrosexual intercourse?

Not until they have developed into an adult in the spirit world 
after 15-25 years most become short-grown but can materialize larger.

If a male spirit has sex with a woman in physical life a woman who 
lives how do you think?

Male spirits cannot insert their penis because pillows and dolls 
work only for female spirits, some mediums say males do not have 
genitalia. Women born with clairkinesthesia physical contact with 
spirits can still kiss or hug them with pillows anyway.