lördag 29 juni 2019

Asterix - The Twelve Tasks of Asterix - #4: Cross a lake/Isle of Pleasure

Asterix - The Twelve Tasks of Asterix - #10: Climb a mountain and answer...

Academy of Heroes - Ep 2 - Dangerman

sUpErHuMaNs intro

Lisa Ekdahl - *** Bortom det blå ***

Rosalia Lombardo (Little Match Girl [Columbia/Screen Gems, 1937])

Redneck Rampage - Track 08

SNAP! - The First the Last Eternity

Real Cool World (2003 Remastered Version)

Donald Duck - Autograph Hound - 1939

fredag 28 juni 2019

Top 10 Reasons People are Leaving California.

What is spectrosexuality?

What is spectrosexuality?

A spectrosexual person is primarily a man born with a spiritual gift / mediumship 
clairkinesthesia (physical contact with spirits) who is sexually attracted to spirits or 
spirits who are sexually attracted to people in physical life. There are several different 
types of spectro sexuality such as hetero spectrosexuality, homo spectrosexuality, zoo spectrophilia, 
bi spectrosexuality, etc. ... the man in the physical life has sex with the female spirit through eg. 
large pillows or dolls that female spirit use as their physical body. The disadvantage of heterosexual 
spectrosexuality is that men in the physical life can have sex with female spirits if they are born with 
Clairkinesthesia but not male spirits with women in physical life. There is also a type of 
spectrosexuality called atral travel spectrosexuality in that a woman during astral journey 
(journey as spirit outside her physical body) has sex with a man in the physical life with 
Clairkinesthesia by having pads or dolls as his physical body. For the man, intercourse with a 
female spirit feels physically almost the same as one has intercourse with a woman in the 
physical life there may also be communication inbetween through psychich of reading each other's 
auras eg. feelings. Angels are not humans and are of a different nature and demons do not exist, 
stories of sexual contact with angels and demons do not have to do with reality because all these 
are just myths.
Spectrosexuality is one of the world's most exclusive occurrences and is very difficult to 
detect. M. L. & R.L. 2019