fredag 24 maj 2019

Google Traffic Search 2007-2019 by Tittharic (Marcus L.)

Google Traffic Search 2007-2019 by Tittharic (Marcus L.)


Gottegrodan 2007-2008
LibraMark111 2008-today
United Discoverer Spiritualismers (From Old Blogs 2009-2013)
United Discoverer Spiritualismers Jönköping Mania

Home Stages:

Tovrida Udde 1990-1992
Råslätt Ideland 1991-1992
Ekhagen Jönköping Winter Today
Ekhagen Winter Night Today

Tittharic (Marcus L.) Identity:


Tittharic (Marcus L.) Appearance:

Pleiadian Marcus
Pleiadian Tittharic

Schools he has been on:

Saltå Skolan


Akiane Kramrik Marcus Lindberg
Rosalia Lombardo Marcus

Career and inventions:

E-Sport Parapsychology
Medium E-Sport Tittharic
Medium E-Athlete
Medium E-Athlete Tittharic
Medium E-Sport Spiritual World Campionship

A total of 20 searches 2 blogs and 1 youtube Channel
Around 2500 own images
Around 270 posts in two blogs
own 7 videos
20 video lists on Youtube with around 5130 videos

M.L. & R.L. 2019 25 maj U.D.S.

Medium E-Athlete Bill Tittharic

note, this is the world's first medium e-sport bill is on the world's first medium e-athlete, the bill symbolizes his home stage the place in the world and city he is growing up with, these bills can all medium e-athletes have with home stage they are from.