måndag 10 februari 2020

Of the very first in the world to know the spirit world

Of the very first in the world who began to know angels, spirits, 
God and the spirit world / heaven through the mediumship / spiritual 
gifts he or she was born and lived with is just that and nothing else 
in the context of anything else. The person was one between spirit 
nature and human nature of human evolution also an individual in his 
own thoughts than others, of a fate of which the person is not the 
cause. All life in the world is linked to an everlasting family tree 
and may be the basis of the love and friendship of the spirit world / 
heaven mainly of the ancestors of particular tribal mothers and fathers 
who live there. Which person was a living example of others who are 
also born with mediumship / spiritual gifts in the world. What people 
who are born with mediumship / spiritual gifts are born at random in 
all continents, cultures, religions, coffers, rich or poor, etc.
The explanation for one of the major sources of how all people work 
mentally today.

M.L. & R.L. 2020