torsdag 7 maj 2020

Angel Message by Michael Medium Jönköping

Facebook: Medium Michael Jönköping, Sweden

 Hi Marcus!

Here comes the angel letter you ordered from me.
I enclose it below in a word document.
Please inquire if there are any things you wonder about
or if something is unclear.

All good to you

Michael Medium

Hi Marcus!

Here comes the angel letter that you have ordered. The threads that go through the web of life consist of
own choices and what is determined by destiny / karma. Therefore, this kind of prediction cannot be
something other than a forecast. It is important to understand this before you begin to read the answers
as the angels give.

The areas and issues are

1. Female spirit who has been dependent on me for 16 years.

The question is do the angels know about her?

Answer: The angels talk about your destiny and how it is connected to her. It consists of two parts; her
connection to you and your connection to her. On the one hand, you are medial and experience her, and those experiences
have been important to you and to accepting yourself as well as the different pages you have. (That you are experiencing
supernatural stuff) Then it has with her connection to you. She is stuck between worlds of a special
cause and because you give her attention she becomes, in a way, as you say, dependent on you.
The angels are fully aware of where she is and what she is doing. The best place for her is not to be there
she is right now, but because she herself has chosen to be fixed between worlds, the angels cannot force her
to go over to the light. There is unforgiveness in her and that is why she chooses to be one herself
earthly spirit. You have become important to her because you are one of the few communicating with her, though
you really don't feel good about having her in your presence either. You get low in the mood of her presence and
she takes your energy. The best thing for both of you, therefore, was that she had gone over to the light, but it is
as said no one can force it. If you choose to help her over to the light and try to
influence her free will to free both her and yourself, that choice is yours and you must
decide for yourself. Mediums like me and those like me can help you with that if you don't feel like it
you have the opportunity to help her over yourself.

2. The woman's niece in Italy

Ask how our relationship with her goes.

Answer: The angels speak of the importance of being grounded here and of not letting fear and emotions go
U.S. Here, circumstances are not important and what we hear and what it is rumored about, but what we really know.
Don't rush too fast and draw hasty conclusions, but get facts about what the situation really is.
Those who are cautious and use their reason in the situation will always be better equipped than those who
acts with force based on their emotions.

In other words, you will do well if you feel confident that it pays to keep your head cold and
do what is necessary. Communication and the support you can deliver at the distance you are
you at will create the peace that both you and she need to cope with the situation. The importance of asking:
"What can we do to help?" gives both you and her the power to gain power over frustration and
helplessness. Together, we are strong people and can handle the most difficult situations whatever that means.
The power of love over thought extends to the longest distances and the most difficult situations.

3. I invented Medium E-Sport

The question I have shared with me about this through the internet, how do you do in connection with other people?

Medium E-Sports is a spiritual virtual sport that one usually uses mediumship / spirit gifts in computer and
video games, the kind of parapsychology technique I've spread about it through the internet. The question is about how my context
is with my visitors, mainly those who are also alive and born with mediumship. The sport is new in the world and
I in Jönköping am the very first Medium-E athlete and alone in the world with it so far.

Answer: Here the other side talks about the importance of looking at oneself and others with caution. They talk about which ones
expectations you and those who come in contact with you have. If expectations are low, you will be
surprised by the response, but if they are instead of highly placed you will be disappointed instead.
So the question is: what expectations do you have for Medium E-Sport and what expectations do you have for the response
that it will get from other people? Do other people know about Medium E-Sport? If they don't
the; how are you going to do so that they can find out? If they find out that Medium E-Sport exists,
then their expectations will be met so that they understand the benefits of the one that you who created it understands
the? How should you do to make them understand the benefits and what you know and understand?

There are many questions that the other side asks, but if you are going to get answers to your own questions you will need
Think about your own expectations and how to achieve the results you want. If you have not instead
a few expectations more than your own invention and the adventure of inventing it, then your own expectations
already met.

With that, the angels retreat.

All the best to you!

Light and peace

Michael Medium

Tue Apr 9 2020 at 10:30 am wrote:
Hi My name is Marcus Lindberg lives in Jönköping.

I announce Angel message / Guide at a distance that I intend to pay through bank giro regarding questions
to the angels.

preferably want the messages delivered in the mail for the 45 minutes.

Mvh Marcus L.