fredag 8 maj 2020

The most common question to Tittharic about Diablo III psychic gaming.

Question: If you are a Medium E athlete with parapsychological 
use in Diablo III why are you not in the Leaderboard?

Answer from Tittharic: Being in the Leaderboard not only involves how skilled gaming is, 
but also about how enduring and time you have, what is included in the Leaderboard particularly 
high up plays almost 24 hours almost every day for several or many years. As a Medium E-Athlete 
you have several other things in life such as Travel to other countries, Meet loved ones, be out 
in nature, meditate, read books, study, exercise, work, teach others, etc. ... It is about physical 
and mental health to be too much in front of a computer screen is a waste of other benefits and 
opportunities of Medium E-Sport. Some Medium E-athletes like animals or need to meditate depending 
on which Spiritual gifts / Mediumship they are born with. Even though I am not here in the Leaderboard, 
with Mediumship / Spiritual Gifts I have even managed to earn awards in Diablo III that some players at 
the top have failed.

M.L. & R.L. May 2020